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Monday, August 12, 2013

Boxing News

 Roach: Floyd Will Have an Easy Time Beating Canelo

I don't think Floyd will have an easy time with Mayweather. In the comment to Roach says that Canelo reminds him of Marquez. I see him as more of a Miguel Cotto type of fighter. Perhaps Cotto was quicker in his prime, but he didn't have Canelo's power. I don't see any way that he can possibly outpoint Mayweather. I'm not ready to make my official prediction yet, but it's hard to bet against Floyd. He's never given any reason to doubt his winning.

 The Comments
  • Brent Anderson · Top Commenter
    its just too bad he avoided the top comp of his time. we will always wonder how he would have done against Oscar in a rematch . Remember an old past his prime Oscar had Floyd in trouble using jab. Floyd turned away MILLIONS and said he wanted to retire rather than give Oscar a rematch. then Floyd turned down fights with Margarito and Cotto when they were in their prime. Then turned down fights with Paul Williams.. Then pacman. he eventually fought Cotto but Cotto was already damaged goods after Pacman destroyed him. also fought a damaged shane Mosley - again after pac beat him. Floyd can avoid being hit but he can't avoid his legacy of ducking challenges. History don't like.
  • Dean James · South Suburban College
    Brent Anderson Floyd Beat mosley before Manny fought him. Arum didnt wanna put cotto in there with floyd after what floyd did to Gatti. Go back and watch the fight Cotto was there scouting. Margarito and Williams there was no money in those two fights. So he went after Baldomir for the belt. We all know why the Pacman fight didnt happen. Isnt it funny now that the same test floyd was asking for 3 years ago, he's now taking? Because he knows he gonna have to take it to fight floyd, So he's taking the test now to see how it will effect him going into a fight. PLEASE GET YOUR FACTS in order before you open your mouth. All you have to do is research. you have the internet at your finger tips.

I'm not so sure that Mayweather has avoided the best competition. In the end when his career is over his resume will not reflect that he avoided anyone. He will clearly be in the Hall of Fame and be considered as one of the greatest of all time. Especially if he doesn't lose and goes out taking fights like the Alvarez fight. Maybe he didn't fight every great fighter of his time, and caught some of the better fighters late in their careers, but he has been unbeatable for over a decade.  

Maidana to Broner: We'll Do Our Talking in the Ring

I want to see these two fight, but I don't think this is PPV worthy either. Marcos Maidana is not Paulie Malignaggi. My first thought on this one was that Broner would get knocked out. He runs his mouth like Floyd Mayweather, he idolizes Floyd Mayweather, and when he tries to fight like Mayweather he sucks. If he fights like Floyd and tries that shoulder roll, then he will get knocked out. If he's not a lot better than he was against Paulie, then the fight will end with his back on the floor. 

  Fury to Spar with Cunningham Ahead of Haye Fight

 This will no doubt help Tyson Fury prepare for the toughest fight of his career. David Haye is the favorite going into this fight, but I wouldn't be shocked to see an upset here. Steve Cunningham will simulate Haye very well. This was a wise choice and increases the odds of his pulling that upset.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Manny Pacquiao vs Brandon Rios

Manny Pacquiao will fight Brandon Rios on November 23, 2013. Both fighters are coming off losses, and their careers are headed in different directions. The fight promises to be an action packed fight. Brandon Rios brings it, and Pac-Man believes he needs to knock him out to resurrect his career. Pacquiao has shown in the past that he can defeat a fighter like Rios, but that was before he lost two in a row. Brandon Rios is coming off a loss to Mike Alvarado that was a brutal war in the ring. It was a fight that Rios had chances to win, and he'd won in their first fight.

Manny believes he must win by KO -

I don't think Manny is going to knock Rios out. He'd better hope to outpoint him and maybe he can knock out a battered Rios late. However, I don't see that happening unless Rios gets sloppy. I think he will be at his best and if that 's the case I don't see a KO win for Pacquiao. Rios has shown he can take a punch, and the size of his neck supports that theory. I think Alvarado hits as hard as Pac-Man, and Rios took some massive shots in that contest. Manny will not KO Rios.

 Can Brandon Rios KO Pac-Man?

He beat the hell out of Mike Alvarado in his last fight. He landed some shots on Alvarado that would've knocked lesser fighters out. The problem is that Manny isn't a lesser fighter. If Pac-Man doesn't win this fight his career is over. I expect him to use angles and the hit and not get hit style to take advantage of a fighter who comes straight ahead. There is always the chance that Rios could hit him like Marquez did and put him to sleep. We don't know if Manny has ever truly recovered from that brutal knockout. Can he be the elusive fighter he once was? If we see the Pac-Man everyone wanted to see Mayweather fight, then Rios will lose by decision. If that's not the Manny Pacquiao that enters the ring that night we'll see him get blasted into retirement.

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