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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Hopkins Was Dominated in Final Fight - GGG vs Danny Jacobs in March - Miguel Cotto Confirms Kirkland Bout

Bernard Hopkins Knocked Out of the Ring 

Bernard Hopkins is without question one of the best boxers in boxing's glorious history, but at age 52 he looked terrible in his final fight. He'd been on a 2 year layoff and it showed very soon after the opening bell. I'm not taking anything away from Joe Smith with my next comment, and he is a very hard puncher with range. There is no way he beats a younger Bernard Hopkins, and I'm not talking that much younger than last night. Joe was following Bernard around the ring. Hopkins took advantage of it as well as he could, but that 52 year old version of Bernard Hopkins was unable to get Smith's respect. There were times when Hopkins landed flush and clean. Anyone watching the fight could see that it drew no respect from the young 27 year old Smith. The task that Hopkins put before himself was too much to overcome at his age and a two year layoff. 

Hopkins confirmed in the post fight interview that this was his final fight. I think we can all agree that it should be. Regardless of how badly it may have ended for the legend it's easy to see that he's done. Could he come back and fight a fighter that he should beat easily? Sure he could, but why comeback to fight some journeyman that has no real value? As bad as it went for him that was the ending he chose. There's no reason to comeback and risk something worse. This is where Hopkins moves on into the second phase of his life. His contribution to the sport is undeniable. I'm sure he'll continue to impact boxing through Golden Boy. However, I think he'd make an incredible trainer. 

Danny Jacobs Will Fight GGG

Gennady Golovkin vs. Danny Jacobs is set for Mach 18th on HBO pay-per-view. This was the time for Jacobs to accept the fight. In fact there are a lot of fight fans that think he has a shot at upsetting GGG. I will agree that the fight could be super competitive, but I don't see Jacobs winning this one. Those who think that Jacobs could win base it off GGG's last fight against Kell Brook. Early in that fight Brook found success, but I think that Golovkin walked into a lot of shots because he knew that he could take them. GGG has done nothing to make me think he couldn't win this fight, but Jacobs has done nothing to make me believe he doesn't have a shot. This should be an incredible fight. We could very well be watching the fight of the year only three months in. Outside of GGG fighting Canelo Alvarez this is the fight they wanted to see. 

Miguel Cotto vs. James Kirkland

Miguel Cotto Confirmed today that he would be fighting James Kirkland on February 25th. The fight will be at a catchweight of 153 lbs on HBO pay-per-view. There are a lot of boxing fans that want to see Cotto fight better opposition, but at this point in his career they want to see if he's still relevant, or is it all over for another one of boxing best fighters. Both fighters lost to Canelo Alvarez and have been inactive since then. Kirkland hasn't been relevant in quite some times, and at the age of 32 now is the time. He's lucky to be getting a shot at such a well named opponent and needs to make the most of the opportunity. Cotto is hoping to get a rematch with Canelo. This might not be the fight that most fight fans wanted to see, but it will be a very telling fight. The loser will probably not get another big fight.