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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Keith Thurman vs Shawn Porter: Fight Breakdown and Predictions

A Showdown at the Top


This is a fight that I have been waiting on since the time they both agreed to fight. Before any deal was made these two men agreed to fight each other. It's a huge risk for both fighters, because they've both built a reputation that's just short PPV money. Shawn Porter had been the first to be on the door step of stardom when he fought Kell Brook. He lost in a very competitive fight, and did more after the loss to build his brand than Kell did after the win. Shawn Porter has put some decent names on his resume. Keith Thurman has climbed the ladder the way a fighter does as they move up. The competition had gotten a little tougher each time he fought. Now this is where he's made it. The next fight had to be a big one and a fight with Porter is that. 

Thurman had to postpone the fight. Keith had allegedly been in a car wreck and injured himself. The boxing fans were not happy as most felt it was Thurman trying to get out of the fight. Shawn Porter was willing to give him time to recover from the injuries, and the fight would still be on. Personally I felt all along that Thurman needed more time to train. Shawn Porter trains almost full time. I believe Thurman realized he was being outworked by Porter leading up to the fight. One thing is for sure...Thurman needed more time whether it was for injuries sustained in a car wreck, or to catch up with Porter in training. 

The last time we saw Shawn Porter he was dominating Adrien Broner. He was dominating Broner until he got caught late in the fight. He got up off the floor and won the fight that he'd basically controlled. Maybe he got over confident or perhaps he just got caught. Either way the same shot from Keith Thurman would have ended his night.

It has been almost a year since we've seen Keith Thurman. He stopped Luis Collazo in his last fight. Thurman stopped him, but question arose when Collazo hit Thurman with a body shot that almost dropped him. Shawn Porter likes to go to the body, and if he'd landed that shot on Thurman he would've gone down. 

Shawn Porter sparring ahead of his fight with Thurman.

Keith Thurman working the heavy bag and mitts ahead of his fight with Porter. 

The Predictions From the Pros

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My Prediction for the Fight

I see this as a 50/50 fight. This will be a close hard fought battle in my opinion. Both are really good fighters. I hear a lot of people say Thurman is vulnerable to the body, but that's based off him taking one hard shot against Collazo, and despite the fact that it did hurt him...he didn't go down. There is no real knock against Porter even though he lost to Kell Brook, and some consider him to be the best welterweight right now. 

Shawn Porter is somewhat aggressive. He picks his spots to open up, but he does this while moving forward. Thurman is one to give up a lot of ground, but I think he will to Porter because he's likely to find more success countering him. Thurman is capable of creating his own offense, but against Porter he can pretty much take what he gives him. Shawn Porter isn't just blind aggression, but his style does leave him open for good counter punchers. 

Thurman postponed the original date. I think he did that to extend his training camp and come into the fight better prepared. Like many other boxing fans I didn't like that move, but he did what he had to do, and I think it benefits him in this fight. Shawn Porter is a real good fighter. I do think he has a decent chance at pulling off what most consider a minor upset. I just don't see it happening. If you told me it was going to be decided by a decision I'd say Thurman probably wins. That's exactly what I believe will happen. 

I've got Thurman winning a split decision.