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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Leo Santa Cruz vs. Abner Mares

The Fight 

Leo Santa Cruz (30-0-1)

Abner Mares (29-1-1)

Breakdown and Prediction

This has the potential to be a great fight. Santa Cruz has proven himself to be a real good fighter, and he's taking on the best. If Abner Mares can get back to being the kind of fighter he was before Jhonny Gonzalez knocked him out. The lasting effects from a defeat like that can be hard for a fighter to overcome. Mares says he's ready and that he used that for a learning experience. He'll need to put that fight behind him if he expects to defeat Santa Cruz. 

Leo Santa Cruz is a real good boxer and if he can keep the distance he wants he won't lose. Mares has some real power behind his punches. I honestly have this fight at a 50/50 toss up, but Cruz might have a slight advantage because of his boxing skills, and if Mares hasn't overcome the 1st round KO loss to Gonzalez then the advantage is huge for Sana Cruz. With everyone at their best it could be fight of the year. 

                                                  Santa Cruz by split decision.  

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Top 10 Heavyweights of All Time

My Top 10 List of Greatest Heavyweights in Boxing History

For year I've watched and studied boxing. Based on the fights I've watched and the material I've studied this Top 10 was created. I consider myself a knowledgeable fight fan, and somewhat a boxing historian. I believe the fighters on this list are the 10 best heavyweights of all time. They could have competed with any fighter from any era.

10. Jack Johnson (55-11-8)

Jack Johnson was the first black heavyweight champion. Johnson's career started before there was much organization in the sport. His record does not indicate the power of this champion fighter. Johnson fought when fights went 45, 20, and 15 rounds. Johnson had no problem going the extremely long distances, and would have been a problem for any fighter in boxing history. He's firmly in my top 10, because he won when the odds were stacked against him. 

9. Sonny Liston (50-4)

Sonny Liston was a tough and feared champion. He was deserving of a shot at a title long before he got one. Cus D'Amato didn't want his champion Floyd Patterson to fight Liston, but the talk got loud and Patterson went against his trainers wishes. Liston destroyed Patterson for his title, and then he'd lose it to a young brash heavyweight...Muhammad Ali. Liston only lost 4 fights in his career and two were to Ali. 

8 Jack Dempsey (54-6-9)

Jack Dempsey took on some of the best fighters in an era that followed Jack Johnson. Fights still went 20+ rounds. Dempsey had a crowd pleasing style of fighting. His attack was nonstop and relentless. He didn't fare too well with Gene Tunney at the end of his career as he dropped two in a row before retiring from boxing. 

7. Larry Holmes (69-6)

Larry Holmes had one of the best jabs in boxing history. Holmes won his first 48 fights in a row. He took the heavyweight title from Ken Norton in 1978. Holmes held the title until 1983, and that is the 3rd longest reign of the title. In 1980 he defeated an old and slow Muhammad Ali, and that was the true changing of the guard. 

6. Joe Frazier (32-4-1)

Smoking Joe Frazier was one of the greatest heavyweights in an era when the division was loaded. He only lost Muhammad Ali and George Foreman. He'd lose two fights to each of them, but he did manage 1 of 3 fights against Ali. Joe Frazier had one of the best left hooks that boxing has ever seen, and his constant movement made him hard to hit flush. He knocked out 27 of 32. His final fight was a draw with Floyd Cummings. 

5. George Foreman (76-5)

The tale of two careers. Big George Foreman did enough in the first part of his career to be considered for the HOF, but then he made a comeback after sitting out almost a decade. George Foreman would go on to become the oldest heavyweight champ ever. In the first part of his career he was considered unstoppable, and nobody at the time thought he could be beat. Foreman took on the best opposition in both halves of his career. I think Big George would have matched up with any fighter in boxing history. 

4. Rocky Marciano (49-0) 

The Rock!!! It's plain and it's simple. Rocky was an undersized heavyweight champion who never lost a fight. He fought bigger guys and he fought faster guys, but he could take the hits and he could give them too. Rocky was extremely powerful. If he'd fought in the cruiser or light heavyweight divisions he wouldn't have even been properly tested. At 190 lbs I'd take Marciano over anyone in boxing history. 

3. Lennox Lewis (41-2-1)

There are very few heavyweights that size up with Lennox Lewis. He had an 84 inch reach as his advantage. His jab was a lethal weapon. His jabs had knockout power behind them. He knocked out 32 of 41. Lennox had two losses and one draw, but he would rematch and beat both fighters that beat him, and he defeated Evander Holyfield to avenge the draw. Lewis would measure up to any fighter in boxing history, and I'm not sure any of them could beat him. His size and skill made him almost unbeatable. 

2. Joe Louis (66-3)

What Joe Louis did for boxing may be his biggest accomplishments. When he was called to serve his country in the war, he stood as tall as he did in the boxing ring. Louis held the world championship title for twelve consecutive years. He only lost one fight in his first sixty-two fights. Joe Louis had pinpoint punches, and he outsmarted the other fighters putting them right where he wanted them. While Joe Louis was serving his country in WW2 he put on free exhibition fights for the soldiers. The free fights were for his country, and later the IRS would take everything he had. He was a hero when the country needed him most, during the war and the great depression. His quick punches and his ability to dictate the fight would give him a chance to beat anyone. 

1. Muhammad Ali (56-5)

The Greatest of All Time: There has never been a boxer as complete as Muhammad Ali. There has never been a heavyweight fighter who could move as gracefully as Ali. Unlike Joe Louis, Muhammad refused induction into the Vietnam draft. This cost Ali valuable time in the prime of his career. Ali hung on too long in the end, but perhaps he wanted to make up for lost time. Muhammad Ali was a talker, and he was known for taking it too far at times, but I truly believe he was hyping himself and the fight.

Ali shocked the world when he beat Sonny Liston #9 on this list. He beat Floyd Patterson who just missed the list. Muhammad Ali beat every relevant heavyweight of the time. Upon his return to boxing he took on #6 on this list, Joe Frazier. Ali lost to Frazier. He was not the same Ali that he'd been. Something had been lost during his ban from boxing. He was about 80% of what he'd been, but that was still better than everyone else. He would avenge his loss to Frazier with a couple of wins in two brutal fights. 

Muhammad Ali would shock the world again when he took on #5 on my list, Big George Foreman. They didn't think he'd beat Liston, and he told them that he would. They gave him even less of a chance at beating Foreman, and again he told them that he would beat him. To overcome two legendary fighters when the odds were heavily against him is what put above Joe Louis. I also believe that if Ali and Louis fought with both fighters in their primes, Ali would beat him. There is no fighter in boxing history that Ali couldn't have fought with, and he would have found a way to defeat them all. 

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Legendary Fights: The Rumble in the Jungle

The Rumble in the Jungle

George Foreman and Muhammad Ali met in Kinshasa, Zaire on October 30th 1974. The fight was held at 4:00 am so it would be live in the US at 10:00 pm eastern time. Big George Foreman was the heavyweight champion of the world. Muhammad Ali the former champ was now 32 years old and and a big underdog in the fight. 

George Foreman entered the fight with a record of 40-0. 

Muhammad Ali entered the fight with a record of 44-2. 

Most boxing expert gave Ali little to no chance to win. Of course Ali didn't think he was going to lose and told the unbelieving world who'd counted him out. Ali had lost the Super Fight to Joe Frazier and he'd also lost to Ken Norton. Big George had beaten both of those fighters just prior to fighting Ali. 

Norton and Frazier had both lost to Foreman, and both of them had been knocked out in the 2nd round. Ali had lost to Ken Norton, but then defeated him in a rematch. There are some who feel Norton won both. It was easy to see why most experts didn't give Muhammad Ali a chance. 

The People's Champ

Muhammad Ali was trying to beat the odds. He wanted the people on his side and with competitive banter and his reputation got them there. He put on the whole show for the fans in Zaire. He made himself the good guy and Foreman the bad guy. Ali Bomaye. Ali Kill Him. 

George Foreman gladly adopted the role as bad guy. He brought his dog to the press conference, and according to Burt Sugar it was the same breed that was used to keep them in captivity. They were not friendly to George - The bad guy role ended up getting to him. 

The fight had been built up to be the mega event it would be remembered. Promoter Don King was all over it. He originally named it, "From the Slave Ship to the Championship." The Zaire president demanded that he change the fight's name.

The Fight 

Ali came out in round number one with a little bounce in his movement. He moved around the ring in a similar fashion to the young Ali. He appeared to me moving well enough to keep Foreman outside. Muhammad had snap on his punches, and Foreman seemed to be willing to land whatever he could. Foreman threw very powerful punches. 

In the second round the bounce was gone from Muhammad Ali. He'd slowed down and his back was on the ropes. Ali's trainer Angelo Dundee was shouting "Get Off of the Ropes," but Ali continued to back up to the ropes while Foreman aggressively tried to knock Ali out. Ken Norton and Joe Frazier had gone down in two, but Muhammad Ali was still standing. 

George Foreman was shocked that Ali was still standing to start the 3rd round. When the round started the two fighters met up exchanging short to long range blows. Ali landed a few good shots before he was put back against the ropes. Ali would occasionally punch and land, but Foreman continued to throw the bombs. Ali covered and blocked, and when their was a little opening he'd throw punches straight at George. 

Ali entered the 4th round down 2-1, and that's if you gave him the close 1st round. I had the first round for Ali and the score 2-1. Ali moved around a little as the fourth round opened. It appeared that he wanted to move a little, but Foreman would force him back. Ali buckled Foreman just a little, or maybe he was just off balance when he got hit. It angered him a bit and he opened up. Both men were getting tired. Ali tried to hold and lay on the ropes. 

I had it 3-1 Foreman after the 4th round. 

When the 5th round started Foreman went right after Ali. He forced him back against the ropes and pounded on him. George threw a lot of punches in round five. Ali looked tired and stayed on the ropes most of the round. Toward the end of the round he opened up on George and land a flurry of punches. The shots were straight down the middle and had some power on them. Foreman had been more aggressive, but didn't seem to be hurting Ali. Ali won the round with the more effective shots in the last minute. 

As the 6th round starts Foreman's eyes were slightly swelling and he was absolutely pissed. I think he knew Ali had stolen round five in the last minute. George was again aggressively trying to end Ali's night. Ali didn't seem to want to be on the ropes, and he fought like hell not to get put there. He ended up there absorbing more power shots from Big George. Again in the final minute Ali opened up, but he didn't steal another round. He won the 6th before the final minute. 

Foreman had been getting tired and a little sloppy. In the 7th round Ali probably noticed how bad he was getting. George steadily came right after him. George continued to pound on Ali. The blows were not what they had been, and Ali knew he could take them. With his back to the ropes he let George punch away. He was checking to see what Big George had left. Joe Frazier who was there helping call the fight said, "George don't look like he's gonna make it to the end." It was obvious that Foreman was tired. 

Round 8 

Foreman had only been taken into the 8th round one time in four years. Ali got him there and I think he knew he had him beat. Big George was lumbering around the ring. As he punched he seemed to try and lay in on Ali for balance. There was nowhere near the force behind the punches. It was all weight and the blows didn't have any sting. 

With about thirty seconds left in the round Ali found the opening. A straight right hand started it all. Ali turned and found another angle to throw the right hand. Foreman seemed to realize Ali was turning him and he turned with him. The right hand hit him and he continued to go. He rolled downward as he fell and ended up flat on his back with the ref counting. 

Ali held his hands over his head in victory. George Foreman hadn't beat the count. "He's done it, the great man has done it." The announcer said. Big George got up and walked back to his corner. His head was down and he was defeated. The loss to Ali hurt him for years, and I believe drove him crazy. The boxing public thought he was unbeatable, and Foreman bought into it himself. He'd been victorious in 40 straight bouts. There was no reason to believe he could lose. 

Muhammad Ali was champion again. He'd always said he was the Greatest of All Time, and he defied the odds and proved it to anyone who had a doubt. The Rope-a-Dope was born. Ali convinced the world that Foreman hadn't put him on the ropes, but that he willingly went there. He'd lay on the ropes and wear him down over the course of the eight rounds it went. This probably should have been the end of Ali's career, as Ferdie Pacheco once said. Ali would go on to lose the title, and he'd regain the championship, but the hits he took against Foreman damaged him. Muhammad Ali proved he was the greatest champion ever. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Keith Thurman is Ready for All Challengers

One Call - One Fight - One Time

There are those who believe Keith Thurman is ducking top level fighters. First let me start by saying I do not believe this. At one point or another Thurman said he'd fight every fighter that they claim he's ducking. I've heard him call out, Mayweather, Khan, Porter, and he said Kell Brook's management called him about a fight, but wouldn't respond when Thurman called them back. Thurman didn't go from being ducked to ducking fighters. It's my opinion that these fighters want to make it look like they want it, but they're just saving face.

Travis Gotti Boxing - In the video above you'll hear Travis explain why he thinks Thurman is the one ducking guys. He obviously doesn't remember that Thurman had been asking for these fights. These guys that Thurman is allegedly ducking have been on his wish list for awhile now. 

This all started after Louis Collazo hit Thurman with a body shot to the liver. Now they think Thurman has been exposed. It was a shot that would have dropped most fighters, but Thurman stayed upright and moved to buy some time. How easy they forget what happened from that point. Thurman made the tough Louis Collazo quit on the stool. 

Here Thurman calls him out over a year ago...

It's pretty obvious that Keith Thurman wanted the fight. At some point the fight was being discussed. I don't believe Thurman has changed his mind, but I don't know why the fight hasn't happened. Six months later Kell Brook acknowledged he too was interested. 

Now that Keith Thurman is turning his attention to another fight he'd been wanting the talk is starting again about Brook. Thurman has turned his attention to Shawn Porter, and Kell Brook is talking to Timothy Bradley. They're still out there saying that Thurman is ducking the top fighters.

This all comes with Mayweather convincing the boxing public that Thurman was ducking Errol Spence. Thurman has continuously explained that Spence hasn't done enough in the sport yet. That was Mayweather's excuse not to fight Thurman and he's done a lot more than Spence has done.  

Kenny Porter know that Keith is not ducking anyone.

If Floyd wants to see Thurman fight Spence the price is out there. He could easily pay the ten million and get the fight. The fight could be built up and the money would be nothing. Floyd could sell this fight with ease. It's what he wanted to see and the fans would jump at the chance to see his match making. 

Here Thurman explains the whole situation. Hear him out if you think he's ducking.

Thurman has wanted the Mayweather fight, and Floyd brought up Errol Spence to shift the focus somewhere else. If Errol Spence isn't in the top 10 then why should Thurman fight him? Spence has talent and the fight could be made in the near future, but right now Thurman wants Shawn Porter, Kell Brook, Amir Khan, and we all know he's wanted Mayweather. He's not ducking anyone and that is fact. 

Thurman Has Called Them All Out

Thurman has been asking for these fights. He's wanted the biggest names at 147, and had called all of them out at one point or another. He's gotten nothing in return and took the Guerrero fight when Khan didn't want to fight. Keith had wants and has wanted these fights.

Floyd Mayweather

Kell Brook

Shawn Porter

Amir Khan

Tim Bradley & Manny Pacquiao

Brook, Bradley, Khan, and Anyone Else That Wants Some

Who's Next?

A fight between Porter and Thurman seems to be what's up next. Both fighters want the fight and I don't think either of them are afraid to make it happen. There are politics in boxing, but both of the guys are tired of the runaround they've received. With Floyd fighting Andre Berto these guys aren't going to get that fight. If they fight each other and Floyd doesn't retire, then the winner would clearly be the next man up for Floyd Mayweather. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Boxing News: Now Freddie Roach Wants Danny Garcia

Freddie Roach says Pacquiao wants a fight with Danny Garcia when he returns in 2016. There are several reasons why this fight would work, but there are several reasons why it's not the best option for either fighter. This fight has been on the radar for team Pacquiao defeated Chris Algieri. They were planning on going down to junior welterweight to make the fight happen. Of course when the fight against Mayweather came about the Garcia fight was temporarily off the table. 

Danny Garcia probably wants this fight. I know he was beaten by Mayweather, but it's still Manny Pacquiao. He is not the fighter he once was, but his name still rings a bell and looks good on paper. It might still be a little soon to take a fight with a future hall of fame fighter, but certain fights and challenges are to be taken whenever they come about. The division is loaded at 147. It's highly likely that Danny is getting this fight so Pacquiao doesn't have to face the killers at the top of the welterweight division. 

Pacquiao brings a name to the table. Garcia brings an undefeated record to the table. They both bring something for the other fighter to gain. Garcia would probably get the most out of the fight. By beating Pacquiao he'd be as relevant and in line for a title shot with Brook, Thurman, or maybe even Mayweather. Pacquiao doesn't have as much to gain, but if he can put a loss on Danny then he might get another one at Floyd. That's what he wants and all that should really matter. Bad shoulder or not...he's got to want another crack at Floyd. 

Freddie Roach had this to say during the Boxing News Exclusive: 

“I want Danny Garcia, that’s my choice. That’s the easiest fight in the f****** world, you can tell his dad [Angel Garcia] that as well,” he said.

“His dad psyched Amir Khan out but he won’t psych Pacquiao out I promise. Pacquiao will knock Garcia out. I like the dad but he talks too much s***.”

“Manny’s shoulder is getting better. We had a little trouble with the rehab because he didn’t want to come to American so we got a guy to go out there [to the Philippines] and work with him every day,” he said.
“He tells me it feels better, he went swimming the other day, he’s playing a little basketball so he says it’s coming along fine. But it won’t be a while until he’s in the ring again, three to six months.”
What about a fight with Floyd Mayweather? 
“I don’t know where Mayweather’s going right now. I don’t think he’ll stop at 49 fights, I think he’ll fight to 50. I’m hoping that he promotes himself, maybe if he does he can make more money,” he said.
“Manny would do much better in a rematch, if the shoulder gets better. We were doing well until the shoulder went in the fourth round and we had a tough time after that. I do think we can beat Mayweather 100%.”

Boxing News

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Fight Plan: Andre Berto vs. Floyd Mayweather

Most boxing fans don't give Andre Berto much of a shot at winning a fight with the P4P best Floyd Mayweather. He's 3-3 in his last six fights, and that includes being knocked out by Jesus Soto Karass who brought a 27-8-2 record into the fight. Soto Karass stopped him in the 12th round of their 2013 fight. That was two years ago and Berto has won his last two since being upset by journeyman Soto Karass.

In his last fight he stopped Josesito Lopez. He's a decent stepping stone fighter. Berto stopped him in the 6th round. That doesn't erase a loss to Soto Karass, but stopping Lopez half way through the fight shows he could've beat Soto Karass. Berto took a beating at the hands of Robert Guerrero. He had moments in that fight when he looked pretty good, but for the most part he was dominated. Guerrero had a reach advantage that he properly used. 

In the upcoming fight against Mayweather, Berto will again find himself at a disadvantage in reach. Robert Guerrero used the reach advantage and boxed Berto from the outside with ease. Guerrero also fought Mayweather, but Floyd gave him a boxing lesson. The reach advantage wasn't there for Guerrero when he fought Mayweather. The hand speed of Floyd was the difference, as he hit Guerrero whenever he wanted. What can Berto really do?

What's Right and What's Wrong

Andre Berto is a fighter that likes to move forward. That will be a must when he faces Mayweather. The other things he does are no good against Mayweather. Berto can hit hard and has decent hand speed. Styles make fights and the style match up is all wrong for Berto. That's why Floyd picked him in the first place. He knows that Berto tries to stay right in the face on his opponent, but he keeps his guard low, doesn't use good angles, and is right there to be found with a straight right hand. What is Floyd's favorite punch?

He needs to come forward like he always does. His guard needs to be high and he must mix in some head movement. He is short compared to Mayweather, and his hand speed isn't as quick as Floyd's. If his guard is high it protects him as he comes in, and his head should be moving and not staying still on the center line. Mayweather would have to hit a moving target instead of one that sits there waiting. 

What's Mayweather Going to Do?

We all know that Floyd Mayweather is a counter puncher. He hits and moves, or hits and goes into the Philly Shell defense. When he goes into the shell it's a way of defending, but not having to exit the combat zone. From the shell he's like a snake coiled up ready to strike. If he's able to sit up in the shell and counter, then there isn't nearly enough pressure being put on him. Nobody ever said Mayweather had powerful punches, but when he's moving back those punches have even less sting. 

If Berto fights the way he always has there'll be zero chance for him to win. Floyd picked him because he tailor made for Floyd's style. Floyd hasn't had a knockout since Ortiz, and you can bet Berto was picked to give him that shot. Mayweather will use good angles to turn him and hit him with the straight right hand all night. Berto stays there hoping to evade and block punches, but he stays parked in the combat zone. Floyd knows that he stays right there, and doesn't move his head off the center line. 

The Game Plan for Berto

When the opening bell rings Andre Berto should go right after Floyd. He might catch him off guard. When I say go after him I mean moving in quick. Head movement keeping his head off the center line. If he doesn't get there quick enough Floyd will fire away, but it'll be defensive rather than offensive to keep Berto outside where he wants him to be.  

If Berto is moving the head he won't eat as many punches. If Mayweather gets outside he'll have to move in on him relentlessly cutting the ring off. Floyd will move around until he thinks Berto has lost steam. If he can't catch him or can't maintain the chase, then he needs to find the right distance for Floyd to come at him. He's still using head movement, but now standing his ground rather than moving in. Now he's looking to counter, so he's using good pivot while looking to get him opened up.  

If he can turn Mayweather, then the hooks and uppercuts will be there. If Floyd tries to keep him at the proper distance for him, then Berto must move back in using the head movement and high guard. Andre Berto will be backing him up while he attacks, and when he's not attacking he finds the proper distance and rests to go in again. 

1. Constant pressure
2. The hands are high protecting the chin. 
3. Head movement. 
4. Turn him and find the angles. 
5. Rest, reset, resume. (Keeping the right distance) 

If Mayweather keeps him at the end of his punches then Berto isn't doing things right. The movement would look similar to those of Joe Frazier or Mike Tyson. If he's turning him properly then it will look like what Pacquiao did to Cotto and Margarito. He has to maintain the constant aggression, and if he's unable to do so, then he has to have made Floyd not just want to come after him. 

Notice the way Frazier attacks Ali. This is a heavyweight version of what Berto must do. Frazier kept the pressure up and kept moving in on Muhammad Ali. It was the only way he could have won this fight. If he'd tried to box him from the outside, then Ali would have killed him. If he tried to stand in the combat zone like Berto does, then Ali would have killed him. It was the movement that won him the fight. Berto can hit hard. He's not going to get those chances if he doesn't move Mayweather open. It does not take a miracle to add head movement to the game plan. There's no way he wins without it. 

The peek-a-boo style would be the best approach to combat Mayweather. If this style is properly used then all of the things from the list above will happen. The pressure, the head movement, the angles, and opening for the power punches. The style works best against a fighter who throws long straight shots. Like the straight right hand that Mayweather tries to throw. A quick move gets the peek-a-boo fighter inside the arm. That is where he wants to be to throw the power shots. 

When Mayweather is moving and punching it opens everything up. Berto must do something similar or just like my plan for him. It will work because I've seen Mayweather's tendencies when pressure is applied. He will move and try to keep the distance. Pacquiao put Mayweather on the run and even got inside, but he didn't create the angles you noticed in the Margarito fight. At times he was able to turn Mayweather, but he was never able to open him up or keep him cornered. 

The fight against Victor Ortiz was an incredible fight. From a fans point of view it was all you could ask for, But Berto isn't a fan. He was in there toe-to-toe with Ortiz slugging it out. With proper head movement he could have caught Ortiz getting wild and sloppy, but the problem is he didn't have any movement with the head or otherwise. He stood in the pocket and threw bombs with his opponent. Make sure you realize walking someone down, and just standing in the combat zone are not the same thing. Floyd is not going to stand in the pocket, and if Berto tries to move in and stay there Floyd will kill him. If Berto fights him like he did Ortiz then he'll eat the straight right hand all night. 

Floyd is crafty, he's agile, and quick. You hear fighters say he's faster than they thought. If you give him time to plot his moves you're beat. The pressure has to be nonstop. Fighters start guessing and trying to anticipate his next move, but if they were applying the right kind of pressure he'd make the mistakes. The speed isn't negated by out thinking him. You close the gap on the speed by keeping the pressure up. He's got to stay on him, but not like he did with Ortiz when he sat in the pocket with no movement. When he gets inside the arm the hooks and uppercuts will be there. 

Good luck Andre Berto - I hope this info finds you. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Fight That Nobody Has Been Waiting For : Floyd Mayweather vs. Andre Berto

Next Up: Andre Berto

Floyd Mayweather could have picked anyone he wanted for his next fight. You had Keith Thurman the #1 contender, or champion Kell Brook. There was Amir Khan calling him out. Floyd made him think he was going to get the fight, but for two fights Floyd has went elsewhere for an opponent. There was Porter who beat Adrien Broner. Maidana did that and got two fights with Floyd. There's Timothy Bradley and he looks good on any fighters resume. Floyd could have went with any fighter in the top five, but he didn't do it. 

Andre Berto, you are next. Why? There's only one reason, and even the die-hard Mayweather fans know what that is. He wants to honor the contract and remain unbeaten. It has been rumored for about a month, it would be Berto or Mayfield. The Mayweather fans said he's just joking. He'll end up fighting someone else. Nobody liked hearing he was going to fight one of those two guys. Then he said it would be on network television. A match-up so one sided could only be free, but it's not on network television; it's on Showtime PPV. 

It has to make Berto feel pretty good that he got selected. He didn't do anything, he didn't win his way into a shot. Berto was handpicked by Floyd because he considers him an easy win to finish out the Showtime contract. I figure Berto wants to take a shot at the 0 on Mayweather's record, and he's probably been training hard, but knowing what's thought of him should light a fire in him that can't be put out. Nobody believes he has a serious shot at getting the victory. 

Does Floyd Have Anything Left to Prove? 

You could ask that question in any boxing forum and the answers would vary. Personally I think he has something to prove. He claims to be the best ever, but the final fight to fulfill his contract he goes out of the top five to find an opponent. That's not a move that TBE would make. At the very least he should have picked the fighter he thought he could beat out of the top 5. The best thing he could have done is take on the #1 contender, Keith Thurman. 

Let's look at his last five fights. 

48) Manny Pacquiao - This fight should have taken place when Manny and Floyd were both hot and beating common opponents. Instead it was five years too late when Manny had been viciously knocked and wasn't the same. Many had value, but like other opponents Floyd has beaten, he was too late for maximum value. 

47& 46) Marcos Maidana - Marcos Maidana had been a tough fight, and got the fight based on his victory over Adrien Broner. There were those who believe Maidana won the first fight, but Maidana wasn't the mandatory when he got the first fight, and Floyd gave him two fights. Why? Not for the fans that thought Maidana won. He doesn't fight for the fans or he wouldn't be fighting Berto. Marcos Maidana is a tough fighter, but once Floyd figured out how easy he'd beat him in a second fight he burned another fight off his contract. 

45) Canelo Alvarez - Canelo is tough and I think Floyd took a risk in this one. The fight was at a catch-weight and Canelo might have been weakened a little, but I give Floyd full credit for this one. 

44) Robert Guerrero - What had he done to get a fight with Mayweather? That's all I heard as Mayweather was deciding who he'd fight this time. The Mayweather fans said that #1 contender Keith Thurman hadn't done anything to deserve a shot. What did Guerrero do to deserve his? (Handed a belt like Thurman)

Manny should have been the best fight out of the last five, but Maidana put up the best fight. Canelo was the most threatening opponent, but he wasn't ready for Floyd. If Guerrero deserved a fight when he got it, then Thurman deserved one. Robert Guerrero did beat Andre Berto, and Thurman beat Guerrero. Just based on these five fight it seemed like Floyd might go after a bigger name than Andre Berto

What Can We Expect From Andre Berto?

The real question is what can we expect from Floyd. I know after the Pacquiao fight fans labeled Mayweather a runner. So does he hit and move like he did against Pacquiao. Maybe he wanted to finish his contract with a knockout, because Berto's defense isn't all world class. It appears that Berto will do whatever Floyd makes him do. There is no reason to believe that Berto will dictate the action. That's exactly what he'll need to do if he expects to win. He has to get in on Floyd and stay there. He must fight the most aggressive fight of his life. Even that probably won't be good enough

Nobody wanted this fight and that includes some die hard Mayweather fans. The fight makes no sense and I've already heard regular PPV buyers say they won't purchase Mayweather-Berto. Floyd is smart enough to know that a fight with Berto wouldn't draw big numbers. So there has to be another reason to make such a one sided fight. The only thing I can see it being is Mayweather is going for the long overdue knockout. I don't expect Berto to win and neither does anyone else. There's no pressure from expectations. I still don't see what would be the biggest upset in boxing history taking place.