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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Canelo vs Angulo: Total Domination

Canelo Destroys Angulo by TKO in the 10th


The fight was a fairly one sided affair. Alvarez got off early and often and Angulo found little to no success early on. However, late in the fight Canelo seemed to be slowing down a bit, but Angulo still wasn't able to get to him with any consistency. Angulo had some of his best moments late in the fight, and that is when the questionable stoppage took place. Alvarez faked the over hand haymaker, but landed an unblocked uppercut right up the middle. Referee Tony Weeks jumped in to call a halt to the bout, and some would say before he should have. Angulo had finally landed some meaningful shots, but the problem was that he got it going far too late. He'd already taken a lot of hard solid punches and although he was coming on the damage had been done. I'm not saying he couldn't have done something in the final two rounds. I for one believe they would have been the better rounds for Angulo. With that being said there was no way he was going to get a decision and he never really had Canelo in trouble. 

It had been total domination for Canelo. Angulo proved he was one tough SOB. He stood there and took some punches that had knocked other fighters out. It was clear from the opening bell that one fighter was clearly better than the other. Alvarez was faster and stronger. It was also clear that Canelo is ready for the best fighters in the division. There were moments late when Angulo hit him solid, but never had him in trouble. I still thought the 10th round stoppage was too early. There would have been a better spot to stop the fight in the next two rounds. Angulo was denied the chance to finish strong in the championship rounds. There had been some three shot combos from Canelo, and it's easy to believe there would have been some more in the last two rounds. The fight was stopped on a single shot. It got through and was very hard, but it was one shot. It snapped Angulo's head back, but didn't wobble him or seem to move his legs.

Canelo didn't say who might be next for him. It was clear that coming off the loss to Mayweather that he'd improved his speed and defense. He is ready for the elite competition. I'd like to see him fight Sergio Martinez or Chavez Jr next. There is no question that Alvarez is ready for whoever he fights next. The questions surrounding his conditioning are no longer valid. He said after the fight he could have gone another ten rounds, and judging by what I saw that statement seems completely true.