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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hopkins Wins Split Decision Over Shumenov

Bernard Hopkins vs Beibut Shumenov 

Before the fight began I thought that Bernard Hopkins should retire. I mean he's 49 years old. Is it possible to be effective in boxing at that age? The answer to that question is yes. Bernard Hopkins defeated Shumenov by a split decision. This proved Hopkins can still challenge the best fighters in the division. I'm not so sure that he should keep doing so, but he can clearly still throw the leather with the best of them.

This shouldn't have been a split decision but one judge thought Shumenov won the fight. I don't see how and didn't even have it that close. I thought Hopkins won the fight easily winning at least 9 of 12 rounds. Hopkins even dropped Shumenov in the 11th round. Hopkins was not happy with the one judge after the fight, but he got the victory the belts.

Shawn Porter vs Paulie Malignaggi

Paulie should have been in the booth calling a Shawn Porter fight with someone else, because he got beat down like he stole something. Paulie said he was just another average fighter before the fight, however when it was all said and done he was destroyed in four rounds. Porter was faster and stronger than Paulie and it was clear from the opening bell. Shawn Porter is the real deal at 147.

Malignaggi was cut in the first round. He was quick, but Porter was still beating him to the punch. He got full extension on his punches, and landed several shots early that told all spectators that he would be knocking Paulie out before 12 rounds went by. After the fight Malignaggi said if he had to make the decision right there he'd retire. He probably should unless he wants to be a stepping stone for up and coming fighters.

Retire or Not 

Bernard Hopkins proved he still has the tools to win at 49. He could continue to fight on, however I don't think he should. He's accomplished more than most fighters could ever dream of doing. He could walk away now and he's on top. There is no reason to fight until he loses, because then everyone is going to be saying he should have already retired. I could see he wasn't the fighter he once was. He's not even the fighter he was when he beat Jones and Tarver. If he doesn't want to end it now he'll be a tough fight for anyone.

Paulie in a losing effort looked horrible. Shawn Porter didn't help him, but either way he didn't look like a championship caliber fighter. He really fits in well as a broadcaster for Showtime. I think he should focus on calling fights and not entering them. He looked good against Judah and Broner, but against the championship level fighters he doesn't. Why should he hang around and be some journeyman fighter? His career is a little better than that. 


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