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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Adrien Broner vs. Emmanuel Taylor

Adrien Broner is going to take on up and coming Emmanuel Taylor. Most boxing fans want to know why? He's already had a tune up fight against Carlos Molina. There really is no reason he should be fighting Emmanuel Taylor. In the biggest fight of his career Taylor lost a unanimous decision to Chris Algieri on ESPN Friday Night Fights. He lost the fight in Algieri's hometown, and now he's fighting Broner in his hometown.

Taylor rebounded from the loss to Algieri with a win over Karim Mayfield. In my opinion Taylor hasn't beaten anyone to earn a fight with Adrien Broner. He's 18-2 and clearly a fighter trying to work his way up the ranks. Broner should be fighting other big name fighters. I don't understand why he hasn't gone after Danny Garcia. I know for a fact that Keith Thurman wanted/wants to fight him. Broner says he wants a rematch with Maidana, but I seriously doubt that he does.


 I don't know much about Emmanuel Taylor. The only fight I've seen him in was against Algieri. I'm not sure that Broner is better than Algieri, but I do think he's better than Taylor. He thinks he's better than Taylor too, or he wouldn't be picking him out of obscurity to fight him in his hometown. Broner says he wants to give his hometown fans a knockout, but...I have him winning a unanimous decision. 

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