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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Keith Thurman Wins Again: Mayweather Should Be Next

One Time

There are those who still don't believe that Thurman is deserving of a shot at Mayweather. Most of these people have been listening to Floyd as he says that, Thurman should fight Errol Spence. It's clear that Mayweather doesn't want to fight him and is putting him off on someone else. It became real clear when he threw his next possible opponents out there, Karim Mayfield and Andre Berto. He knows that we don't want to see him fight either name he tossed around, and unless he loaded the card up he couldn't sell it.

Mayweather has one fight left on his Showwtime contract. Why is he not considering one of these fighters? 

1. Keith Thurman
2. Kell Brook
3. Shawn Porter
4. Amir Khan
5. Danny Garcia

There's five fighters right there that deserve a shot and that could be sold to the boxing public. There's not going to be a match up that brings Mayweather-Pacquiao money, but we are fans and don't make money from the fight. We want to see the best fight the best regardless of what's made financially.

If he doesn't want to take a chance with one of the five fighters listed above, then what about one of these guys. 

6. Tim Bradley
7. Devon Alexander

There's a total of seven fighters that Floyd could fight, and an argument could be made for all of them. Some have stronger cases than others, but in my opinion they could all hold their own and put up a good fight. 

Thurman is Ready for Mayweather

Keith Thurman is the next man up at 147. I know the Mayweather fans will go with whatever Floyd says. If Floyd wants to face Andre Berto next they're OK with that. Boxing fans deserve more than the brainwashed Mayweather fans will accept whatever King Mayweather says. There are only two fighters that I believe have a legit shot at defeating Floyd, and they are Thurman and Brook. One or the other deserves a shot and you could make a case for either that I couldn't argue with. 

I would like to see Thurman get the next shot at Floyd. In terms of style I think he cuts the ring off like a fighter must do to beat Floyd. Thurman can be a pressure fighter and a counter puncher. There are some weaker areas that Thurman needs to work on. He'd get that work by not fighting Mayweather next, but he's in the spot of next man up. 

I know that Thurman doesn't currently have the hand speed needed to out point Floyd. Amir Khan might have the hand speed, but he doesn't have the power or chin to really test Floyd. Thurman is a better opponent than Khan, but Mayweather continuously throws his name out there for a possible opponent. 

Thurman has been in the top contender spot for a while now. However, that seems to be ignored in the same way that Kell Brook is ignored. Thurman has been in the top contender spot for going on two years. The Thurman detractors keep saying he doesn't deserve the shot. Who is more deserving? 

These fighters were all deserving of a shot, but Thurman is not. 

Juan Manual Marquez, Shane Mosley, Victor Ortiz, Robert Guerrero, and Marcos Maidana twice?

Are you telling me these guys were any more deserving than Keith Thurman. Mayweather has always looked for a hot young fighter that had holes he thought he could cash in on, or older over the hill fighters that no longer were the total package. A young strong fighter that cuts off the ring isn't what Floyd wants to face. Thurman doesn't have the hand speed to outbox Floyd, but he cuts the ring off and has fight changing power. 

If Thurman fought Brook then there would be no question as to who the next opponent should be, but the Floyd followers would still accept someone else as the next opponent. The champion takes the next best fighter and proves to the world that he is champion. The Best Ever most definitely takes the next best fighter to prove their is no doubt as to where he stands. To pick and choose like Mayweather wants to do proves nothing. If you don't fight the top contenders that's what you're remembered for. 

I like watching Floyd Mayweather fight. As a boxing fan I want to know how good he really is and want the future fans to know that too. He proved against Canelo that he would face the best fighters, but he hasn't consistently done that. There have been some real good fighters in the past few years that he hasn't put in their place. Now those fighters are calling him out.

What Does the Boxing Community Think?

Thurman is not ducking Errol Spence and real boxing fans know that.

There are only two fighters at 147 that could beat Floyd Mayweather

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Jeff Mayweather is not a Thurman fan.

Are the Mayweathers afraid of Keith "One Time" Thurman?

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