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Monday, March 13, 2017

Danny Jacobs Looks to Defy the Odds Against Gennady Golovkin

The Battle at the Garden

If you don't know who the knockout machine Gennady Golovkin or Triple G is by now, then you've obviously been living under a rock. The guy has been storming through the middle weight division like a tornado in a trailer park. His knockout ratio is among the highest in boxing. He's humble and down to earth. You probably haven't heard of him because he's not loud or flamboyant. He's all about business and knocking the next opponent out. Most boxing fans believe GGG is going to beat Daniel Jacobs the way he has all the knockout. 

Danny Jacobs knows who GGG is and what he's all about. He knows if he's not on his A-game then he'll be beaten and knocked out like the others have been. I expect for this reason that he will be sharp and as ready to fight as he's ever been. I think he knew he needed to be sharp against Peter Quillin and he proved to be just that. I think that's how he will be against GGG, and making this the toughest fight Golovkin has faced to date. Jacobs knows that GGG will cutoff the ring and come right after him. He moves well enough to evade the damaging punches and create countering opportunities others haven't been able to find. 

In Golovkin's last fight he faced a blown up welterweight champion, Kell Brook. The added weight didn't hinder Brook and he was out boxing the middleweight champion. I suspect that Golovkin knew the shots weren't going to knock him out, but he made boxing fans wonder what would happen if a true middleweight put it on him like that? Danny Jacobs is the guy who could do that and answer that question. He's got the hand speed and the footwork to box Golovkin. GGG cuts the ring off better than any other fighter in boxing, but Jacobs has good pivots and faint moves that could keep GGG off balance. He can turn GGG and turn the aggression against him. 

My Prediction

I do think that Danny Jacobs has the abilities to test GGG. He could test him in ways that he hasn't been tested up til now. David Lemieux has arguably GGG's toughest opponent so far, and where Jacobs doesn't hit with the force that Lemieux does, he's actually got better movement and ability to box and counter. Jacobs doesn't have to try to beat him at his own game. Jacobs can move and box him essentially taking the fight out of his hands. The problem is that he has to keep from getting caught by a fighter who has caught almost everyone he's faced. 

GGG cuts the ring off and hits his opponents with shots that have been compared with those of a cruiserweight. When he corners and traps Jacobs he's going to land those powerful shots and he's not going to take them any better than any of the others have done. I honestly believe Jacobs will test him and make a competitive fight out of it, but I don't think he's going to be the first fighter to beat Golovkin. GGG may have trouble getting a solid shot on Danny, but he'll get him. I think GGG knocks him out mid to late fight. 

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