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In This Corner

Monday, October 21, 2013

Nobody Wants to See Floyd Mayweather Fight Amir Khan

Mayweather vs Khan

There are rumors that Floyd might fight Amir Khan in his next fight. There is no reason for this fight to take place. Not unless the alternative is to watch Mayweather fight Alfonso Gomez or Carlos Baldomir. I've heard people say that Khan has hand speed that is equal to Floyd's. Assuming that he actually does, and I don't think he does, that would be the only thing even remotely close. The only thing that Khan has shown is that he can't take a good punch. I truly believe Mayweather could win all 12 rounds.

What's Next For Mayweather

Floyd says he the best fighter ever. He's proved that statement to be true, but to be the best you have to beat the best. A fight with Amir Khan would not be fighting the best. Floyd needs to fight winners. He needs to fight fighters who have beaten other good fighters and have a winning streak going. He's never been super active, so when he fights it needs to be the top fighters in the weight class. I think he should fight the winner of Broner vs Maidana or the winner of Pacquiao vs Rios. 

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