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Monday, December 16, 2013

Maidana Proves Broner is No Mayweather

He said he was the next Floyd Mayweather, but...


Marcos Maidana jumped on Broner early and often. Adrian Broner had claimed to be the next Mayweather. He'd won several fights using a Mayweather type posture, standing straight up, gloves low, and using the shoulder roll. Maidana knew what he was going to do. He knew he'd be fighting a Mayweather knockoff, and I think he knew exactly what to do. Maidana threw his punches high knowing he'd be able to land there. Broner tries to block and deflect punches while staying stationary. Maidana found him all night. By the time Broner figured out he should move his feet it was too late. He was moving his feet for survival and not as a defense.

Maidana Beat the Imitator, but Can He Beat the Real Mayweather?

Broner who fights in the same style as Mayweather, and the Problem was solved. It's not that simple with Floyd. He does things that Broner could never do. Mayweather is faster, his moves are sharper, and most importantly he's more experienced. There were counter opportunities for Broner, but most of the shots were landing. Mayweather wouldn't have been hit by half of those punches. Adrian Broner looked similar to Mayweather, but the skill and ability are miles apart.

I do think that Maidana deserves a shot at Mayweather, and I give him a little more than a punchers chance at beating him. If he could jump on him early and land on him like he did Broner then anything could be possible. If Mayweather isn't going to fight Pacquiao, then I think he should fight Maidana.


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