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Friday, December 27, 2013

Should Adrian Broner Join the Mayweathers?

"I'm telling him to change his trainer." - Mayweather Sr. 

Floyd Mayweather Sr. believes he could turn Adrian Broner's career around. He says within three fights he could have Broner walking Maidana down just like Floyd Jr. did Alvarez. Floyd Jr. just did take his own father back into his camp. Allegedly the change was made because Floyd's uncle Roger Mayweather is in bad health.

I think it's good that father and son have put the past behind them. The best case scenario would be Roger and Floyd Sr in his corner. It hasn't appeared to make much difference which man works his corner, as it has been a business as usual approach and plenty of success. I do think that Floyd Sr. could help Broner find his way back on track. With that being said, I also believe that Broner's current team could get him back too. Broner was never an elite fighter, and neither his current trainer or Mayweather Sr. will change that.

I'm not so sure building a fighter from the ground up means all that much. It's my opinion that you look just as good as a trainer if you maintain a steady flow of champions. Just because someone can build a fighter from scratch doesn't mean they can get them over the championship hill. I realize that Broner had already obtained some belts, but nobody really considered him a champion. Maidana was his biggest name opponent to date. His corner never really had a plan once their fighter got in trouble, and Broner had to tell them to calm down. That's not something the fighter should have to tell his trainers. Perhaps they got him this far and that's as good as they can do.

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