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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Boxing News: Golovkin vs Cotto?

 Golovkin Wants Cotto Fight Next

This is a fight that I'd love to see happen. Cotto would clearly be the best fighter that Golovkin has ever faced. Cotto would be facing a young and promising fighter, and one that has been brutally knocking out his opponents out. The fight with Martinez was somewhat like the rebirth of Cotto, but most fans realize that Sergio Martinez was damaged goods when he entered the ring that night. People want to know how good Golovkin really is, but they also want to know how good Cotto is under Freddie Roach.

Jennings Defeats Perez, Earns Shot at Title

This fight was not compelling. I truly don't believe I was watching championship caliber fighters boxing that night. Jennings could be a great fighter someday, but he doesn't belong in the ring with the champ right now.

Maidana: Broner Is Stronger Than Mayweather

Broner might be stronger than Mayweather, and I'm not sure that he really is, but even if he is he lacks the pure boxing skill that Mayweather has. Floyd has more than enough offense to back up the best defense in boxing. I personally think that Maidana is just throwing verbal jabs at Mayweather, but he's been in there with both of them and says Broner is stronger.

Fighting Algieri Is Lose-Lose Situation for Pacquiao

It's definitely a lose-lose situation. If he beats the guy then he was suppose to beat him, but if he loses Algieri won't get as much credit as Pacquiao gets blamed. The fact is that Algieri pulled off an upset that some fans didn't give to him, but that win doesn't merit a fight with the second best pound for pound fighter. Being that he never really deserved the fight means Pac-Man cannot win.

Report: Froch-Chavez Jr. in Talks for January

Carl Froch didn't look real good in his last fight, but he proved that he still has knockout power. He could knockout Chavez, but I highly doubt he will find the same fight saving knockout that he did before. The tank is running on empty for Carl Froch, but fight fans want to see how far he can go. If he fights Chavez in January then that's probably the end.

Floyd Approved by WBC to Defend 147/154 Belts

There is more to this decision than I currently know. I'm looking into this story right now and will write up another blog on this later. The one thing I do know is that the competition at 154 could really challenge Floyd. To be able to defend that belt against Maidana is better than taking the mandatory challenger at 154. It may be a grab to hang on to both belts.

Geale on Golovkin: He's the 'Biggest Puncher' in Boxing

It's very possible that he is the biggest puncher, but he hasn't faced the best fighters in the division. Geale was a two time champion but that doesn't mean what it once did. If he fights Miguel Cotto then we'll know what he's really made of. It's being said that all the fighters are avoiding GGG. That may be for good reason, but we all know that he hasn't faced anyone as good as Cotto.

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