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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Kell Brook Defeats Shawn Porter

Kell Brook vs. Amir Khan Should Be Next

Why should Brook fight Khan next? I think this is being thrown out there because of their geographical location, but that has never mattered and it means nothing. Khan wants another title shot. In my opinion he hasn't done anything since his loss to Danny Garcia to rate another shot at the title. If he really wanted the title he could have taken the path that Kell Brook took, or he could have challenged Keith Thurman for his title. I think that Amir Khan believes he is a pay-per-view fighter, but in my opinion he's not. He's closer to being a upper tier journeyman. There is nothing wrong with that.

My sample size of Kell Brook had been minimal at best. I knew the kind of fighter he was, but I didn't think he would beat Shawn Porter. I knew it would be a close fight and even thought it could challenge for fight of the year. I was wrong on this one and it probably didn't make fight of the year, although it will and should be a candidate.

What I didn't know - Kell Brook had a better defense than I thought he did. Early in the fight I thought he was barely getting his head away from Porter's punches. Later in the fight I realized he he was keeping his movement short and tight so he could fire off shots from the combat zone. Brook truly believed that he could beat Porter to the punch and he did. His defensive movements were short and he came right down the middle with straight shots. Porter was reaching and leaping in, and when Brook wasn't catching him with power shots he was smothering his attack.

Kell Brook got an opportunity and he made the most of it. He is now a recognized champion. He deserves the chance to move up toward pay-per-view status. If you try to sell me Amir Khan vs. Kell Brook, well I'm nor buying. Brook should fight Keith Thurman, and the winner of that fight would be a pay-per-view caliber fighter. Amir Khan might want to challenge Shawn Porter. Maybe then he could prove himself worth of a title shot. They're both trying to work their way back up for a title shot.

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