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Monday, October 6, 2014

Boxing News - Mayweather Sr.: Manny Can't Beat Fighters Floyd's Facing

 Mayweather Sr.: Manny Can't Beat Fighters Floyd's Facing

I agree with Mayweather Sr. I don't think that Pacquiao could beat Canelo, and I have my doubts about Maidana. That doesn't mean that Manny couldn't beat Floyd, but I've always said that I thought Mayweather would beat him if they were to fight. Just because I don't think Manny could beat Mayweather's opponents doesn't mean he couldn't still shock the world. I think it would look a lot like the Mayweather vs. Maidana fight. Manny is faster than Maidana, but he doesn't hit as hard as the Argentine fighter. If both Mayweather's think that Floyd beats Pacquiao then fight him. It's been sitting there far too long as it is.

Kessler: I Want to Fight Carl Froch

I bet he does. Carl Froch looked very beatable in his last fight with Groves. Kessler is no spring chicken, but there is no doubt that he saw what everyone else did...Froch is fading fast and isn't the fighter he once was. 

Garcia: Rubio's Mexican Blood Will Give Golovkin Problems

As history has shown the Mexican fighters have heart. I have no doubt that Rubio will put up a good fight, but I do not believe he can beat Golovkin. 

Cotto Remains Mum on His Future

I don't blame Cotto for holding out for the biggest payday possible. He won a fight that I honestly didn't think he'd win. With that being said inactivity is the worst thing for him right now. He needs to challenge the best fighters and lock into the big payday he deserves. The fights are out there. I've heard that Cotto might take on Canelo in May. 

Barthelemy Outclasses Saucedo, Wins UD 

I thought the fight was competitive for the most part. With that being said I enjoyed the fight before the main event a little bit more. 

Ranking the 10 Best Boxers of the '70s

This truly was the golden age of boxing. The Greatest of All Time, Muhammad Ali solidified his place in the history books during this decade. Joe Frazier was the first fighter to ever beat Ali, and that too happened in the decade. We'd see Muhammad Ali shock the world for a second time in his career as he knocked out Big George Foreman. Future hall of fame boxer Larry Holmes began his career in the late 1970's. Some of the best fighters and fights took place in the 1970 to 1980. 


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