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In This Corner

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Bernard Hopkins Loses Belts: Is It Over for the Legend?

The Fight

Kovalev beat the 49 year old Hopkins in every round of their fight. Hopkins went down in the first round and never really did anything after that. His knowledge in the ring allowed him to go the distance, but he never made the fight competitive and didn't take the necessary chances to win. If he were to rematch Kovalev it would end the same way. Hopkins has the skill to continue on in the fight game, however at the age of 50 there's no reason to go on.

Bernard Hopkins

I'm not sure how some of you fight fans rate the greatest champions, but Hopkins is one of the greatest champions to ever fight. He took on the best fighters and either beat them or gave them a great fight. I've often said that Floyd Mayweather needed to fight the best fighters out there if he wanted to be TBE, and that is exactly what Hopkins has done. Win or lose he took on the best fighters over several weight divisions.

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