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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Broner vs. Porter: Taking the Next Step

A Fight for the Next Level

Adrien Broner thinks he's a next level fighter, but the truth is that he isn't on the elite level yet. Sure he talks himself up. He says he's the best. However, he's never beat anyone to prove his point. Broner failed the last time he got this chance against Maidana. Now he has the opportunity to get to that level again. He'll be looking to cash in the same way that Maidana did last time.

Shawn Porter failed in his fight for elite level status too. He lost a tough fight to one of the toughest welterweight fighters in the game. Kell Brook hasn't made anything out of his win over Porter yet, but you can bet he soon will. If Porter can win against Broner he'd be right there with Brook waiting for a title shot.

They're fighting for a shot at being elite. The winner of this fight cannot be denied a shot at the title. Floyd Mayweather himself couldn't deny a shot to the winner. I'd rather see Maweather fight the winner of this fight than see him fight Amir Khan. If Mayweather isn't going to give the winning fighter a shot, well then I think a fight with Keith Thurman is automatic.

The Prediction

It's easy to root for Porter because he's humble. Broner gives boxing fans every reason not to root for him. He comes across as a cheap knockoff of Floyd Mayweather. Only Floyd has big wins in his career to hang his hat on, but Broner hasn't done anything to gloat about. Porter isn't one of the mid-level fighters that Broner was smashing for knockouts. Porter has been in there with better competition than Broner has.

Broner has quick hands. They won't be the fastest hands that Porter has seen. Broner has knockout power, but Porter has faced harder punchers. Broner will be the a combination of power and speed that Porter hasn't seen, On the other hand Porter will attack Broner like he's never been done before. I think that Porter hits harder than Broner. I think Broner has faster hands, but overall quickness is closer to even. I think the fight will be close and tightly contested.

Porter by split-decision.

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