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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Keith Thurman Doesn't Want Mayweather to Duck Him

Why Would Floyd Mayweather Duck Keith Thurman?

There doesn't seem like there would be a reason for TBE to duck anyone. Floyd has beaten every fighter he's faced and only a couple of his 48 fights were even close. Not only has he not been beaten, but he's barely even been tested. From a pure boxing standpoint there'd be no logical reason to assume Floyd would duck anyone. He beat the fighters that we expected him to beat, and he beat fighters that were thought to have a chance against him. Those we weren't sure about. Floyd was either too fast or too strong for everyone he faced.

So there doesn't seem to be any reason why Floyd shouldn't fight Thurman. Except... Floyd thinks that Errol Spence should fight Thurman, or that Shawn Porter should fight him. Why does Floyd not fight the next man up? Keith Thurman has done nothing but prove he's worthy of a shot at TBE. There are those who say it would be too early in Thurman's career for such a great fighter, but he's earned the shot. Both fighters are ranked in the P4P Top 10. The next fight should be Thurman, but it appears Floyd doesn't want to fight him.

If Not Thurman, Then Who's Next?

Floyd's style is not crowd pleasing. Only the die hard fans seem to be able to appreciate his style. He does hold a lot on the inside, but make no mistake about it he does fight. Selling the next fight might not be that easy. The possible names he's thrown around for his September fight are not fighters I'd pay for. I've bought every fight since the Oscar fight. Following the Porter-Broner fight Floyd said he was going to fight one of two guys, Andre Berto or Karim Mayfield. I would not pay to see him fight either one of those fighters.How does he expect to sell a fight against either of them?

Floyd is a business man and he knows what makes sense. To fight Berto or Mayfield, neither fight makes any sense. What has either of those fighters done to deserve a shot. There are only three fighters that have earned the shot to face Mayweather, and they're probably the only fights I'd buy at 147.

1. Keith Thurman

2. Kell Brook

3. Shawn Porter

These are the only three guys in my opinion that have earned a shot. I know some want to see him fight Khan, but there's another half that doesn't and I'm in that group. Mayweather would have a better chance of selling Khan than Berto or Mayfield.

Maidana Got a Shot After He Beat Broner - What About Shawn Porter? 

Shawn Porter earned the chance to fight Mayweather. There are those who believe Mayweather will give Porter the fight, despite saying he'd only fight Berto or Mayfield. Amir Khan knows how Floyd doesn't always do as he says. Mayweather is on top and could fight whoever he chooses, but he has to realize people are not going to pay for a 12 round sparring session. There are other fights out there if he doesn't want to give Porter his shot, but make no mistake Porter is a viable opponent that he could sell.

Porter was humble and understanding that Mayweather might want to fight someone other than him, but when he found out Karim Mayfield was one of Floyd's possible opponents his demeanor changes. He wants that next fight if Floyd is going to Mayfield or Berto. Shawn Porter just came off a big win over Broner, but he lost to Kell Brook so how could he argue if Mayweather went there next. We all know he won't be fighting Brook. He's not even on the radar. It would clearly be an acceptable fight that would sell.

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