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Monday, August 17, 2015

Boxing News: Now Freddie Roach Wants Danny Garcia

Freddie Roach says Pacquiao wants a fight with Danny Garcia when he returns in 2016. There are several reasons why this fight would work, but there are several reasons why it's not the best option for either fighter. This fight has been on the radar for team Pacquiao defeated Chris Algieri. They were planning on going down to junior welterweight to make the fight happen. Of course when the fight against Mayweather came about the Garcia fight was temporarily off the table. 

Danny Garcia probably wants this fight. I know he was beaten by Mayweather, but it's still Manny Pacquiao. He is not the fighter he once was, but his name still rings a bell and looks good on paper. It might still be a little soon to take a fight with a future hall of fame fighter, but certain fights and challenges are to be taken whenever they come about. The division is loaded at 147. It's highly likely that Danny is getting this fight so Pacquiao doesn't have to face the killers at the top of the welterweight division. 

Pacquiao brings a name to the table. Garcia brings an undefeated record to the table. They both bring something for the other fighter to gain. Garcia would probably get the most out of the fight. By beating Pacquiao he'd be as relevant and in line for a title shot with Brook, Thurman, or maybe even Mayweather. Pacquiao doesn't have as much to gain, but if he can put a loss on Danny then he might get another one at Floyd. That's what he wants and all that should really matter. Bad shoulder or not...he's got to want another crack at Floyd. 

Freddie Roach had this to say during the Boxing News Exclusive: 

“I want Danny Garcia, that’s my choice. That’s the easiest fight in the f****** world, you can tell his dad [Angel Garcia] that as well,” he said.

“His dad psyched Amir Khan out but he won’t psych Pacquiao out I promise. Pacquiao will knock Garcia out. I like the dad but he talks too much s***.”

“Manny’s shoulder is getting better. We had a little trouble with the rehab because he didn’t want to come to American so we got a guy to go out there [to the Philippines] and work with him every day,” he said.
“He tells me it feels better, he went swimming the other day, he’s playing a little basketball so he says it’s coming along fine. But it won’t be a while until he’s in the ring again, three to six months.”
What about a fight with Floyd Mayweather? 
“I don’t know where Mayweather’s going right now. I don’t think he’ll stop at 49 fights, I think he’ll fight to 50. I’m hoping that he promotes himself, maybe if he does he can make more money,” he said.
“Manny would do much better in a rematch, if the shoulder gets better. We were doing well until the shoulder went in the fourth round and we had a tough time after that. I do think we can beat Mayweather 100%.”

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