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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Keith Thurman is Ready for All Challengers

One Call - One Fight - One Time

There are those who believe Keith Thurman is ducking top level fighters. First let me start by saying I do not believe this. At one point or another Thurman said he'd fight every fighter that they claim he's ducking. I've heard him call out, Mayweather, Khan, Porter, and he said Kell Brook's management called him about a fight, but wouldn't respond when Thurman called them back. Thurman didn't go from being ducked to ducking fighters. It's my opinion that these fighters want to make it look like they want it, but they're just saving face.

Travis Gotti Boxing - In the video above you'll hear Travis explain why he thinks Thurman is the one ducking guys. He obviously doesn't remember that Thurman had been asking for these fights. These guys that Thurman is allegedly ducking have been on his wish list for awhile now. 

This all started after Louis Collazo hit Thurman with a body shot to the liver. Now they think Thurman has been exposed. It was a shot that would have dropped most fighters, but Thurman stayed upright and moved to buy some time. How easy they forget what happened from that point. Thurman made the tough Louis Collazo quit on the stool. 

Here Thurman calls him out over a year ago...

It's pretty obvious that Keith Thurman wanted the fight. At some point the fight was being discussed. I don't believe Thurman has changed his mind, but I don't know why the fight hasn't happened. Six months later Kell Brook acknowledged he too was interested. 

Now that Keith Thurman is turning his attention to another fight he'd been wanting the talk is starting again about Brook. Thurman has turned his attention to Shawn Porter, and Kell Brook is talking to Timothy Bradley. They're still out there saying that Thurman is ducking the top fighters.

This all comes with Mayweather convincing the boxing public that Thurman was ducking Errol Spence. Thurman has continuously explained that Spence hasn't done enough in the sport yet. That was Mayweather's excuse not to fight Thurman and he's done a lot more than Spence has done.  

Kenny Porter know that Keith is not ducking anyone.

If Floyd wants to see Thurman fight Spence the price is out there. He could easily pay the ten million and get the fight. The fight could be built up and the money would be nothing. Floyd could sell this fight with ease. It's what he wanted to see and the fans would jump at the chance to see his match making. 

Here Thurman explains the whole situation. Hear him out if you think he's ducking.

Thurman has wanted the Mayweather fight, and Floyd brought up Errol Spence to shift the focus somewhere else. If Errol Spence isn't in the top 10 then why should Thurman fight him? Spence has talent and the fight could be made in the near future, but right now Thurman wants Shawn Porter, Kell Brook, Amir Khan, and we all know he's wanted Mayweather. He's not ducking anyone and that is fact. 

Thurman Has Called Them All Out

Thurman has been asking for these fights. He's wanted the biggest names at 147, and had called all of them out at one point or another. He's gotten nothing in return and took the Guerrero fight when Khan didn't want to fight. Keith had wants and has wanted these fights.

Floyd Mayweather

Kell Brook

Shawn Porter

Amir Khan

Tim Bradley & Manny Pacquiao

Brook, Bradley, Khan, and Anyone Else That Wants Some

Who's Next?

A fight between Porter and Thurman seems to be what's up next. Both fighters want the fight and I don't think either of them are afraid to make it happen. There are politics in boxing, but both of the guys are tired of the runaround they've received. With Floyd fighting Andre Berto these guys aren't going to get that fight. If they fight each other and Floyd doesn't retire, then the winner would clearly be the next man up for Floyd Mayweather. 

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