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Monday, September 2, 2013

Mayweather vs Canelo: The Common Opponent

Sugar Shane Mosley is the common opponent for Floyd Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez. Both of these men fought Carlos Baldomir, but not as recent as their fights with Mosley. A fighter's will is the last thing to go. Shane Mosley was a game fighter in both of these bouts.

Floyd Mayweather vs Shane Mosley

This fight wasn't what it would've been years earlier. Mosley was still faster than most of the guys Mayweather had been fighting. There were moments early when it looked like Shane might be able to test Mayweather, but when Floyd figured out what he was trying to do, figured out his angle and approach, this fight was all but over. Shane slowed down and Floyd got faster.

Canelo Alvarez vs Shane Mosley

The first thing you notice in this fight is that Alvarez had his way with Shane. There were moments where Shane was able to showcase his speed, but he was ineffective for the most part in a decision loss to Canelo Alvarez. This was a step up for Canelo. He passed the test in this fight and proved he was an elite fighter. At several points in the fight Canelo had his way with the older Shane Mosley.

The Common Opponent  

I'm not sure the whole common opponent thing tells us what will happen. Mayweather and Canelo both beat Shane Mosley, but they did it with different styles and in completely different ways. Floyd outsmarted him and forced him to fight the wrong fight. Canelo overpowered him and forced him out of his comfort zone. When the speed diminished over the course of the fight Canelo punished him with powerful combinations.

In an interview with  Ben Thompson Shane answered some questions about the upcoming fight.

BT: Shane, I know you said you're staying neutral as far as Mayweather vs. Canelo goes, but because you've been in there with both fighters, give me an idea of what both guys can expect from the other when they finally meet on September 14.

SM: There's going to be some times where Floyd is gonna be like, "Wow! This kid's pretty good; he's pretty swift." And Canelo's going to be like, "Wow! He's really hard to hit; he's really fast and really good." I think they're both going to have that in their head when they fight each other. They're not going to expect the other to be as good as they are. I think Canelo thinks, "Okay, I'm bigger than him, so I'm going to be able to manhandle him or get close to him and hit him with what I want to." Mayweather believes, "He's a little kid and he's not going to hit me with nothing. He's not fast enough, he's not smart enough, and I'm going to beat him because I'm superior mentally." They're both going to have their issues that they gotta work out inside the ring. Like I said, I'm neutral. I just want them to have a great fight. May the best man

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