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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mayweather vs. Maidana Rematch Set for September 13th

 Mayweather vs. Maidana 2

Floyd Mayweather has announced the rematch with Marcos Maidana for September 13. This is a fight that I thought Floyd had to take. Their first fight was so close that I originally thought Maidana had done enough to win, but upon rewatching the bout I realized that Floyd had outscored him in more of the later rounds. At first I'd thought Maidana won more rounds 7-12. The real point is that Floyd told him he could have a rematch that night because he knew the man had fought him close. The judges had scored the fight 114-114, 117-111, 116-112. I didn't think that the fight was a draw, but it was close enough to see why and how someone would have scored it that way. The boxing public had nothing good to say about that score and wondered what judge Michael Pernick  was smoking. It was an extremely hard fight to score and I found nothing wrong with the 114-114 scorecard. This fight was screaming for a rematch and Floyd did what he needed to do in this situation.

Scoring the 1st Fight

The first fight was very hard to score and I admit that I initially scored it wrong. In my defense I wasn't scoring it the first time I watched it. What I noticed was that Maidana was throwing and bullying Floyd. It's true that Mayweather was hitting Maidana, but he was scoring a lot of his points fighting his way out of trouble. Mayweather was rarely the fighter coming forward and forcing the action. It's easy to see why someone might not have scored all the punches Floyd landed. He was consistently fighting for his life and to the judging eye he appeared to be the one in trouble. Maidana would move in and catch a few punches coming in, and then he'd corner Mayweather landing some of his own, but many were blocked by by Floyd. He'd land some shot on the inside, however they weren't easy to see and didn't have the visual presence that Maidana's punches did. Mayweather landed the higher percentage of punches, but Maidana was clearly landing the harder punches.

Why Do I Want to See it Again?

1) The first fight was close.

2) Floyd said he give him a rematch.

3) Mayweather said he could do better than he did.

4) The other big fighters all have opponents.

5) The first fight was full of action. 

The first fight was close enough that some fans thought Maidana was the winner. Mayweather himself looked unsure of the outcome as he awaited the decision. He knew he owed Maidana a rematch based on his own performance. Floyd and some of his fans believe he could have really outclassed Maidana the way he did Guerrero. I don't think he can beat Maidana like that, and that's assuming he had an off night. Floyd can outpoint Maidana and he knows that after the first fight. Maidana knows that Floyd is quick and elusive, but after facing Mayweather he realizes that he can take his best punches. I'd be completely shocked if Mayweather mixed it up with Maidana, and I know that is exactly what El Chino is going to want to do. I want to see what kind of adjustments the two fighters have made. The fight will be a good one and promises all the action of the first contest.

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