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In This Corner

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Terence Crawford vs Yuriorkis Gamboa

Gamboa Moves Up and Goes Down

This was one helluva fight and it turned into an all out war at times. When you watch a fight this is what you hope to see. These two warriors put it all on the line in what could be fight of the year.

The two fighters entered the ring with identical records. I thought Gamboa was the better of the two fighters, and after four rounds it appeared I was correct. As I watched the fight I noticed that Crawford was starting to see some openings in Gamboa's defense. He'd switched to a left handed style and stuck with it. He seemed to find the holes better from the left side. He hurt Gamboa with several right hooks as he tried to move in. I think Crawford made the switch so he could better defend himself, but he didn't seem to lose a thing offensively. In the 9th round Crawford got him out of there. He unloaded some very powerful shots on Gamboa and knocked him out.

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