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Friday, May 23, 2014

Boxing News: It's Still All About Mayweather

 Floyd "Money" Mayweather

Boxing fans everywhere are calling for the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight. It might have cooled down a bit when Marquez caught Manny with a shot he never saw coming. The ESPN welterweight ranking has Floyd at #1 and Manny at #2, so why not get 1 and 2 in the ring once and for all. Seeing the fact that Floyd didn't respond well to volume punching against Maidana, the fans believe that Manny would be able to really get him. 

Pacquiao is no doubt a faster puncher than Maidana, but it wasn't just the volume or the speed that got to Floyd. Maidana hits harder than Pacquiao and that made a difference in that fight. I think Manny might be the only fighter who could outpoint Floyd, but to really beat Mayweather you've got to knock him out. The judges like Mayweather. I think he owes Maidana a rematch, but like every other boxing fan I'd love to see him fight Pac-Man.

JMM's Trainer Not Interested in Pacquiao-Marquez V

 Honestly I don't think the fans want this one either. Manny is the better fighter and unless he got caught again he'd just outpoint Marquez. These two careers are coming to an end. They both should be aiming for a Mayweather fight.

Cotto: Catch-Weight Was Team Martinez's Idea

I don't think Miguel Cotto is what he once was. There's no evidence that Martinez is slowing down. It doesn't matter which side made the catch-weight happen. Sergio Martinez is going to beat Cotto for as long as he can last. 

 It's 'Showtime' for the 'Superman' Stevenson 

 Why Stevenson Faces Must-Win Against Fonfara

 Maidana Doesn't Think Floyd Wants Rematch 

I don't think that Mayweather wants to fight him again. He beat the hell out of Floyd in ways that hadn't been done before. Some boxing fans are saying he cheated, but I think he was just fighting as rough as possible. Either way Mayweather didn't like the kind of action he was getting. 

 White: Rousey Would Hurt Mayweather in Street Fight

 I like Dana White. He's taken the UFC in directions that I think boxing needs to go. White is a straight shooter who calls it like he sees it. He could be right, he did say street fight, and if she got him into a submission hold (Arm Bar) anything would be possible. If Floyd was able to keep it upright she'd have no chance of beating him.

Provodnikov Possible Opponent for Pacquiao

 I think everyone wants to see Pacquiao get a shot at Mayweather. If Floyd doesn't want to fight Maidana again then the chance is there. He'll have to do something to save a little face for not giving Maidana a deserved rematch. If he's unable to get the Mayweather fight then a fight with Provodnikov would be perfect. If he could beat a solid up and coming fighter like Provodnikov it would be as big as Floyd's win over Canelo.

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