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Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Moment: Mayweather Should Have Lost the Title

Maidana Wins the Fight - Mayweather Awarded the Decision

Marcos Maidana beat Floyd Mayweather in their championship fight Saturday night. However, when the decision was announced Mayweather was still undefeated. What I saw was Maidana cutting off the ring, cornering Mayweather, and beating the hell out of him. I scored the fight 7-3 with two rounds even and Maidana winning the fight. The judges scored it like this Michael Pernick called it a draw at 114-114. Burt Clements had a wildy favored decision for Mayweather, 117-111, and Dave Moretti called it 116-112 for Mayweather.

I was surprised that none of the Showtime announcers thought Maidana won the fight. All four people watching the fight in my party certainly did. Mayweather looked concerned and somewhat afraid before the fight. With good reason Maidana poured it on him and never let up. When the fight was in the center of the ring Floyd was winning, but Maidana constantly took him places he didn't want to be. Mayweather knew exactly what happened to Adrian Broner because the same thing was done to him. Maidana hit him with the same shots over the top.

Mayweather said before the fight that he didn't know how Maidana would attack, but he said they'd worked on everything and would be ready for whatever. They obviously didn't watch the Broner fight because they weren't ready for Maidana. He basically ambushed the two of them and defused any kind of retaliation. Floyd wanted to take advantage of Maidana's aggressiveness, but he was unable to do so because of the relentless attack from Maidana. The countering opportunities weren't there.

The Decision

I think the decision was pure robbery, and possibly worse than the first Pacquiao/Bradley fight. Something has to be done about these judges. The corruption is killing the sport. Maidana jumped all over Mayweather and clearly beat him. Mayweather was hitting him with a higher percentage, but Maidana was fighting for 3:00 a round and hardly ever abandoned the wide open attack. He knew that if he allowed Mayweather to be the aggressor that he'd lose, but he never allowed that and he didn't lose.

The fight was clearly fixed. At this point boxing might as well be the WWE because Mayweather was not going to lose the fight by decision. It has been said that boxing was a corrupt sport, and the decision Saturday night proves it to be true. I'm a huge boxing fan, but the sport needs a serious overhaul. If they'd only look at what makes the UFC work they'd understand what's wrong with boxing. People want to see the best fighters fight each other. When they see the elite fighters do battle they get a real winner.      

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