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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Froch vs Groves 2

There was no controversy the second time around. In the first fight George Groves took an early lead. He was the faster more accurate fighter, and he was that in the second fight too. Carl Froch is a tough fighter. In the first fight he'd go down in the opening round. Groves made Froch look old and slow in the first fight. I had it 5 to 1 Groves at the half way point, and the opening round was a 10-8 round. In round 7 and 8 the two fighters mixed it up with a couple of hard to score rounds. It was the ninth round stoppage of Groves that started the controversy. Froch caught Groves with a solid shot and had him in trouble. Could Groves have weathered the storm? The first fight demanded a rematch.



When two fighters go into a fight believing they're the best it's going to be good. George Groves refused to give credit to a guy he out boxed. Styles make fights and Groves has a style that's hard for Froch to deal with. Every time he opened up on Groves he got countered, and when that wasn't happening Groves was beating Froch to the punch. Groves is in and out with his hands low and his head moving. 

 Froch vs. Groves 2 results: Froch scores KO in Rd 8

Just as he was in the first fight Froch was behind at the half way point. I again had the fight 5-1 Groves after six rounds. This may sound familiar, but the 7th round was close, and until Froch caught Groves the 8th was as well. Groves doesn't have the best defensive style one will ever see. A fighter that uses that slick style of offense has to have incredible reflexes and head movement. Groves moved his head decently in the first half of both fights, but once he gets a little fatigued his defense is the first thing to go. It's shabby at best to begin with. At the same point in both fights Froch was able to get him, and both times he'd been losing before catching him. If these two fought a third time Froch would catch him between rounds 7-10.


Andre Ward says he'd be willing to fight George Groves on his home turf. After the knockout loss he's probably not even going to get the fight with Ward. If Carl Froch is really trying to cash out of boxing then he probably won't fight Ward again. Chavez could bring the same kind of money with less risk.

Nobody wants to fact Gannady Golovkin. I'd be shocked if either Groves or Froch decided to take on GGG. Andre Ward says he'd fight Golovkin, but I'm not so sure he really wants to do it. I think Triple G might be the most feared boxer in the division, despite the fact that most fans see Ward as the most pure boxer.

The winner of the Martinez vs Cotto fight is going to gain momentum. There are some great fights to be made from 160 to 168.


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