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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Marquez vs. Alvarado

Marquez vs Alvarado: The Fight for Relevance

Juan Manuel Marquez beat Manny Pacquiao by knocking him out cold. Since then little has gone his way and he needs a win over Alvarado in the worst kind of way. Mike Alvarado has had nothing go his way since his win over Brandon Rios. These two fighters are fighting to remain relevant. If Marquez wins the fight he'll be looking for the 5th fight with Pacquiao, and if Alvarado wins he'll likely be looking to face Pac-Man too.

It's my opinion that neither of these fighters will be a major player in the welterweight landscape. The winner will temporarily have some solid ground to stand on, but realistically neither of these two have a serious title shot left in them. This should be a real good fight going by the old adage that styles make fights. There is still a level of fighter above both of these two guys and I don't think either one can beat the best fighters.

Prediction: Marquez by unanimous decision.

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