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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Boxing Update: Richard Schaefer Steps Down

Richard Schaefer wants out of his contract with Golden Boy Promotions, but his contract is through 2018. Oscar doesn't want Schaefer to go anywhere, and has reportedly contacted his attorney to prevent his departure.

Schaefer Steps Down as Golden Boy CEO...

 Floyd Drops Golden Boy After Schaefer Quits...

Floyd Mayweather is sure that he no longer wants to do business with Golden Boy. Mayweather is the cash cow right now in boxing. If he's not willing to fight Golden Boy fighters it doesn't look good for the company. The boxing fans are split on what Schaefer's departure means for boxing.

The fact that Mayweather doesn't want to do business with Bob Arum or Golden Boy is not a good thing. I can see a lot of good fights not happening from Mayweather's decision. Promoters not wanting to do business with each other, and Showtime fighters not fighting HBO fighters, it's we the boxing fans that lose.

Mayweather Wants Wembley Mega-Fight

If Carl Froch vs. George Groves can fill the place, then surely Floyd Mayweather vs. Amir Khan could fill the place. I think Floyd wants to know if he can do it. I think they'd pack the place to watch him battle Khan.

I personally want to see him do the right thing and rematch Maidana. He says he could easily beat Maidana in a rematch, so why not give him one? I think he deserves one based on the first fight. The guy took it to Floyd in a way that hasn't been done since Castillo or Judah. Cotto tried to put the pressure on but couldn't.

The fight was exciting and would likely pay them both more than the first fight did. I do want to see him face Khan, although calling that thing a Mega-Fight is laughable, and I don't care where it takes place. I thought the fight with Canelo was a Mega Fight, and if he could get Gannady Golovkin at a catch weight it too would be a Mega Fight.

Golovkin vs. Geale Set for July 26 on HBO

 Is Froch the Most Limited Champion in Current Era?

No...absolutely not. I don't think Froch could be considered a limited champion in any era. He has a good chin and hits like a mule. His hand speed is not what it once was, but Groves is better than people think and Froch still has a few good fights left in him.

 Haye: 'Groves Does Not Have a Weak Chin'

I don't believe he does either. He got caught in the first fight. I think the ref should have held off a little longer, but he thought otherwise. In the second fight he'd become noticeably fatigued and got caught. The guy doesn't have a weak chin, and if he'll mix in a little more road work he could be a champion.

Comparing Cotto, Martinez Resumes Ahead of Fight

I think there careers have gone by completely different paths. Cotto in my opinion has the more impressive resume, but Martinez has won the bigger fights. I've always been a big fan of Cotto's, but I ask myself going into this one if he really has a chance against Martinez.

 Martinez's Knee Brace Banned for Saturday's Fight

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