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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Miguel Cotto Dominates Sergio Martinez at MSG

Miguel Cotto Vs. Sergio Martinez

Before the fight I'd said I thought Sergio would beat Cotto, and I believed he'd stop him before the 12th round. I questioned the bad knees of Martinez, but in the end I figured he wouldn't have taken the fight on bad legs. I'm not here to make excuses, and especially not, when Sergio Martinez himself didn't do it. However, telling it like it is isn't making excuses. Sergio's bad legs went out as soon as the fight started, and then for every round after that he took a beating. Max Kellerman said during the fight that Cotto was beating the hell out of Martinez.

Cotto said after the fight that he didn't notice Martinez buckle at the knee. I have my doubts about that statement, but definitely noticed he had a beaten fighter in front of him. After Martinez went down Cotto jumped on him with the intentions of knocking him out. Cotto floored him three times in the first round. It would be hard to say what might have happened if Martinez hadn't had his knees fail him, but that was as good as Cotto had ever looked in his career. Freddie Roach has turned his career around at the age of 33.

What About Sergio?

I think last night spelled the end of Sergio Martinez. He didn't look good fighting on bum knees and those knees are shot. His legs will never again be trustworthy and he can't fight like he did against Cotto. It's not like he's a young up and coming fighter who caught a bad break. Martinez has wrapped up a HOF career and nobody would question that. Martinez fought anyone who challenged him and never ducked the next guy up. It's sad that it ends this way, but I've seen a lot worse endings in the sport of boxing.

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