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Monday, June 2, 2014

Boxing News: The End is Near for Carl Froch

The Future for Carl Froch

Carl Froch won the fight Saturday night, but he was not winning the fight when he delivered the knockout punch. The Froch that competed in the Super Six was not the same guy that fought on Saturday. He looked old and slow, but he caught him because punching power is the last thing to go.

Froch says he's 50-50 on whether or not he wants to continue fighting. I'm not saying he should retire, however there is a noticeable decline in his ability to perform. I'm also not saying he got a lucky punch like Marquez got on Pacquiao. Groves got tired and Froch caught him fair and square.

Froch 50/50 on retiring from boxing

Kessler wants decider against Froch

Froch eyes Vegas fight 


 If Carl Froch isn't sure whether he wants to fight anymore then he should retire. You can't compete with the elite fighters if your heart isn't in it all the way. He's got a couple more in him if he chooses to fight. I'm not so sure that he can beat the best fighters the division has to offer, (Golovkin, Ward, Chavez Jr) but a third fight with Kessler would make sense, or maybe the winner of Cotto vs. Martinez fight.

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